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Lunch Bags & Braces

Packing a lunch for school this year? Be sure to take your braces into consideration when putting that food in your bag! There are lots of good, healthy foods that will give you energy and are also easy on your appliances. You don’t want to miss out on your fun activities because you have to spend time in our office getting your braces repaired.

When it comes to lunch foods, sandwiches are usually a good choice. You can tear off small pieces if it is difficult to bite into. Fruit is also a great choice. Be sure to cut your fruit into small pieces…same goes for the veggies. Stay away from the hard, crunchy or gooey snack foods and chips. Instead, you might think of choosing soft energy bars, peanut butter, and crackers, or fruit cups and pudding.

Be sure to keep a toothbrush in your backpack and clean those braces after you eat. You want to keep your teeth and gums healthy. (Besides your friends don’t want to look at your lunch after you’re done eating it:-). If you do break something and need a repair, be sure to call our office and let us know so that we can schedule enough time to get it fixed. If you just show up at your appointment without letting us know, we might not have time to make the repair, which means an additional appointment. We want to get you back to school as soon as possible. Here’s to a great, emergency free school year!