Traditional braces are clear and metal brackets that are fixed to the front surface of the teeth. A wire is threaded through each bracket and tightened at various intervals by one of our certified orthodontists throughout your custom treatment plan. Traditional braces are also a great option for kids, teens, and adults looking for beautiful results and a healthy confident smile.


When the most discreet treatment is what you want, lingual braces are the answer. They are placed on the back of your teeth – so you’re the only one who ever needs to know you have braces. This is the choice for many of our patients who work in television or in the public eye – and one of the best things about this approach is the way it gives Dr. Sarver all the control he needs to get the best outcome.

WildSmiles Designer Braces

Parents, kids, and orthodontists LOVE WildSmiles! Why? WildSmiles offers patients a unique way to be in control of their orthodontic experience. When patients are excited about their treatment, they are more willing to put in the effort braces require, such as brushing, flossing, and avoiding certain foods. With so many fun shapes to mix or match, WildSmiles gives patients the freedom to find the joy of a beautiful, healthy smile in the making.

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