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Dr. Sarver Wrote the Book on Braces (Again)

You know that old saying, “He wrote the book!” People use it all the time to make a statement about somebody’s knowledge in a particular area of expertise. Marketing people call it “thought-leadership” or “authority marketing” and a lot of medical and dental professionals go out of their way to make it look like they are the expert. There are even companies that help doctors self-publish books in order to present them as experts. No judgment here, but we are so excited to let you know that Dr. Sarver’s new book was just published by the Quintessence International Publishing Group. They are one of the world’s leading publishers of scientific and clinical information designed to meet the varying needs of the dental community. Dental practitioners, researchers, and students all have come to rely on Quintessence for clearly written and superbly illustrated books by world-renowned experts.

The doc understands that parents and patients probably won’t be interested in reading his new book. But we wanted you to know he really did “write the book” and it’s getting great reviews. Next time you see him, please join us in congratulating him on his incredible achievement. You don’t have to read it. Just know that he brings all that expertise to every patient he treats.